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You’ve just been assigned the dreaded job of recruiting and organizing volunteers to bring snacks for the fellowship break between services. What will you do? Your great uncle’s already died twice. They’ll never believe he peed on an electric fence a third time. Try as you might, you can’t think of another excuse, so you trudge over to your computer and pull up your new HuDDleFish church website.

It takes 3 miserable seconds to create a new “Hospitality Team” page. But then you have to drag on a sign-up widget and create sign-ups for all the snacks that need to be brought. Ninety-five more seconds wasted! And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to click a button to send congregation members
a personalized email with a link to the hospitality sign-up page. HuDDleFish is supposed to be easy, but sending the emails takes forever – 5 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back!

The things they expect you to do… If the HuDDleFish system didn’t take care of everything else, you’d be tempted to tender your resignation on the spot. But the sign-up system automatically sends out emails to remind volunteers when it’s their turn to serve. If they can’t make it, they can even let the system know, and it will find a replacement for them.

Surely there must be something you can complain about... What if the pastor starts sending you reminders? Think of all the excuses you’d have to come up with! Could life get any worse? Where’s the closest electric fence? Suddenly you need to pee.

You have to
see it to believe it...