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You’ve just launched your new HuDDleFish website, and now, all of a sudden, volunteers at your church are more organized and more engaged in ministry than they’ve ever been before. Small group members are updating and managing their own small group pages. Sunday school teachers are using their pages to manage teaching rotations and coordinate curriculums. Your admin reports that she no longer has to spend time updating the membership database because everybody is updating their own information on their profile pages. Suddenly, she and all your staff have extra time to devote to ministry.

Now imagine getting your HuDDleFish invoice every month, and instead of a charge, it’s a check for $200. Sound like science fiction to you? It’s not.

At HuDDleFish we believe your website should do more than save you time and money. We believe it should be a revenue generator.

Getting started with HuDDleFish costs much less than most systems, and we’ll get you to the point of FREE faster than you might think. Every church, however, has specific needs and unique challenges. To arrive at a pricing model that’s right for you, give us a call at 510-228-4279.

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