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Here’s how you can use HuDDleFish to do everything you want to do:

Organize the youth mission trip:
Go to the youth group page and create a “Mission Trip” page by clicking “Create New Page” and entering the title. What else needs to be done…? Publicity? Applications? Schedules? Fundraising? Drag a text widget onto the page and paste in a description of your trip. Drag on a form to create an online application, a video box to play last year’s video, a calendar to schedule meetings, and an online donation widget to allow people to give to support the trip. Done! Easy!

Volunteer Project:
Create a “Construction Team” page and assign ownership to the leader. The system automatically sends him an email to let him know he’s in charge and link him to the new page where he can recruit and manage his new team. He can: create sign-ups that let members sign up to bring items and donate materials, use document uploaders that let his team upload and share documents, forums and message centers for communication… He can even create sub-groups and assign them to other lay leaders. And all the while, the HuDDleFish system keeps you informed about what he’s doing and gives you complete supervisory control.

Share the success:
After the trip/project, drag a photo album onto the page and let the members of your team upload photos from the trip/project. Were the kids a little wild? Create two albums, one for the general public and one that’s only visible to team members. How about pages for kid’s testimonies? Stories from the trip? The video taken of you falling through the roof? All you have to do is focus on your ministry and HuDDleFish takes care of the rest.

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